2019 & Q1 2020

Because of the generous support of our Jeunesse Family, Jeunesse Kids has made a significant positive impact in the lives of children around the world. We are proud to share this progress with you in our first Jeunesse Kids Impact Report, which covers 2019 and this first quarter of 2020.

With much love and gratitude,
Scott Lewis
Chief Visionary Officer

2019 Jeunesse Kids Recap


Donated to Charities
98.9% of all funds collected went directly to support charity projects!




World Regions

COVID-19 Solidarity
Response Fund

In response to the coronavirus epidemic, Jeunesse Kids donated $500,000 USD to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. Key areas of impact:

  • Close to $200 million has been raised to date to deploy resources to areas with the most acute needs and the most vulnerable health systems.
  • The Fund has disbursed more than $60 million to accelerate vaccine development, equip frontline responders with life-saving personal protective equipment and protect the most vulnerable children and families in low-resource settings.
  • In mid-April, UN partners teamed up on the first Solidarity Flight, part of an effort to rapidly reestablish a global pandemic supply chain.

WE College SchooL
of Entrepreneurship

As a 2020 global initiative, Jeunesse Kids is sponsoring the building of the WE College School of Entrepreneurship in Kenya to provide further education and empower entrepreneurs to improve local economic growth. See how your efforts made this possible.

As Kenya responds to an increase in coronavirus cases, the site of the future WE College School of Entrepreneurship is currently functioning as a field hospital.

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Kids Beating Cancer
Cellular Therapy Lab

In 2019, Jeunesse Kids provided a $1 million grant to Kids Beating Cancer to help fund a state-of-the-art cellular therapy lab which will offer the latest stem cell therapy and bone marrow transplants to save the lives of children battling cancer. While the new lab won’t be completed until March 2021, your donations to this initiative are already having an impact.

Bushfire Relief

In response to the Australian bushfires, Jeunesse Kids offered $100,000 USD ($122,922.54 AUD) in grants to three nonprofits that aid affected children, communities and habitats.

Save the Children – Australia
$15,000 USD | $22,242.32 AUD

Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal
$50,000 USD | $70,932.05 AUD

WWF Australia
$35,000 USD | $51,990.49 AUD

The disaster relief efforts are ongoing, and these funds will be used to support community groups as they recover in real-time from the devastation of these fires.

All Hearts and Hands

When Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas in 2019 as a Category 5 storm, the destruction was catastrophic. To help, Jeunesse Kids partnered with the All Hands and All Hearts Foundation and donated $100,000 USD to help rebuild schools and homes devastated by the hurricane.

We Villages

In partnership with WE Charity, Jeunesse Kids helps build stable, thriving communities that give people the power and dignity to support themselves. Our work in seven adopted villages across the globe is helping to empower communities to rise out of poverty. To read updates on each of the villages, click below.


Jeunesse Kids is funded and supported by the Jeunesse Family of employees, Distributors and caring individuals around the world.

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