Get Involved with Jeunesse Kids™

As leaders, you can make a big difference! We encourage you to gather your teams and create a positive impact in the world by helping children reach their dreams through Jeunesse Kids.

How to Spearhead a Jeunesse Kids Project

  • Reach out to the organization you’d like to work with to discover needs
  • Plan the project
  • Contact [email protected] and submit your idea, along with any funding requests
  • Note: All projects must focus directly on children in order to stay in line with Jeunesse Kids’ mission

Regional Goals — Our goal is to begin a project in each of our four regions, and we are working with our international teams to make that a reality.

One Heart. One Hope. One Mission.

Jeunesse Kids Days

A prime focus this year is strengthening Jeunesse Kids as a Global Movement that provides the infrastructure and resources for our Distributors to have the ability and opportunity to give back in their local communities. This movement will begin at home with our corporate employees at Jeunesse Kids Days.

  • 1st Jeunesse Kids Day — March 14–18 at Jeunesse Headquarters. Employees will volunteer at the Boys & Girls Club for an entire week.

Examples of Jeunesse Kids Days

  • Volunteering at a local Boys & Girls Club
  • Participating in a children’s charity 5k
  • Organizing a blanket drive or a stuffed animal drive for a children’s hospital
  • Helping out a team member’s child

International Jeunesse Kids Projects

We have adopted two villages through our partnership with Free The Children, and we are in the process of adopting another village.

Dao Lazui, China


  • Contributed over $225,000 to date
  • New, permanent school building constructed
  • Learning materials purchased
  • Teacher training
  • Clean water system for the school
  • School garden

Irkaat, Kenya


  • Contributed over $290,000 to date
  • Constructing a new school
  • Clean water and sanitation systems for both the community and the school
  • Regular mobile health clinics and workshop training
  • Agricultural training and development including a demonstration garden
  • Alternative income and livelihood training

We are very excited to visit this village in July 2016 on another one of our Bringing Hope trips. We will be helping build the school, beading with women in the community, and lending a helping hand.

New Project: Village in Ecuador
Later this year, we will be adopting a third village in a remote rainforest village in Ecuador. We will share more details about this new village as they become available.

We encourage Autoship donations, which help support Jeunesse Kids long term. 

4 Ways to Sign Up for Autoship Donations to Jeunesse Kids

  1. In your Back Office (add a donation as you are creating your Autoship package)
  2. At events through texting platform
  3. At a Jeunesse Kids booth
  4. Anytime online at


Looking Ahead

We will be introducing charms to recognize Jeunesse Kids Autoship donors at Jeunesse EXPO